Part I: Top Ten Stories

“The world has gone mad today And good’s bad today, And black’s white today,
And days night today, And that gent today, You gave a cent today, Once had several chateaux” ~Cole Porter



The current central and warfare model is not economic. It sustains itself by plundering. Can it change? Or will it just keep plundering? And who will it plunder next? Unfortunately, we think things are going to get worse before they get better.  Here are our picks for the top stories in the economy and financial markets in the 1st Quarter 2018.

Story #1: Could the Rape of Russia Happen Here?

Shock doctrine? Disaster Capitalism?  Pirateization? Is the Rape of Russia coming to the North American Shores? When? After the 2018 Mid-Term Elections? After the next Presidential Election in 2020? To know what is happening you have to see the patterns emerge as we connect numerous data “dots.” Please listen to my discussion with Dr. Joseph Farrell.

It helps to see how economic warfare has worked historically:

The key to stealing the $21 Trillion missing and remaining assets is to tear up the Constitution:

You can finance lots of economic hit men and covert operations to help you do so with cryptos:

It helps to implement gun control – just keep the false flags coming:

Again, get progressive heroes to make it fashionable:

Censorship helps – you just have to be very, very sneaky:

Start cutting cash flows to anyone who might give you trouble – they will be too busy making ends meet to give you trouble. Besides, you need the cash to ensure the piratizations are richly profitable!

If well healed middle-class people give you trouble, just show’em who is boss. You need to re-engineer land use anyway:

If POTUS is not following orders, show him who is boss:

Pension Fund Trustees Beware: Your Treasury Positions are in Play:

Start the ‘Pirateizations’ going quietly before the 2018 elections and get rid of anyone who might stand in the way:

Make sure to purge the people who engineered the financial coup, so you can replace them with people good at ‘Pirateization’ of government assets. Get the population to help you “drain the swamp” – they will never see it coming! Watch the banks and corporations get even more power over government operations.

Best of all make it all fashionable – get the young people doing all the marketing for you with entrainment and mind control technology and the 21st century high-tech equivalent of the “Whipping Machine” that made slavery so profitable.

Ultimately, if you implement it all through Amazon, young people will think it is “cool”, especially if you claim you are fixing the Fed!

Story #2: Rising Interest Rates & Stocks Wild Ride

Interest rates are rising.  This raises the cost of all goods and services.

Inflation is here – expect costs to rise faster than revenues for many households. This could make a “Rape” scenario particularly brutal.

Story #3: The Squeeze:  Large Military Budgets, Treasury Borrowing, & Inflation Spook the Markets

Growing military budgets mean growing borrowing demands. The markets are concerned about US credit quality and the debasement of the US dollar and there is $21 trillion missing and only promises of an audit.

Story #4. US Tax Reform & Capital Repatriation

Despite legislative exhaustion from Obamacare repeal attempts and partisan squabbles, the US managed to pass major tax reform legislation at the end of 2017. The result will send globalization on a round trip. Major capital and operations are headed back into the United States as the National Security State decides to significantly shrink its supply lines.  Lower tax rates set the stage for much more profitable privatizations in North America, protecting American multinationals from shrinking margins and increased competition abroad. The multinationals are hungry for local revenues. Will they use covert surveillance and operations to gain market share? Tearing up net neutrality will help them do so.

 Story #5: The Evolution of Currency: Cash Control, Petro-Yuan, Central Bank Blockchain, & Cryptos

The US dollar remains “dangerous and dominant.” Many people and countries are looking for alternative currencies and mechanisms. China is looking to build a global reserve alternative.

Cryptocurrencies faced more regulatory interest, significantly dampening prices.

The smart money keeps quietly buying precious metals.


Jack Ma once said that when trade stops, war starts. The drumbeats of war are everywhere. Here are our picks for the top geopolitical stories in 1st Quarter 2018.

  Story #6: Trade Wars

The competition for resources and markets grew louder in the 1 Quarter of 2018.

Story #7: Ziocon Flu, Swamp Wars, & Purges

A purge is underway. As we have explained for several years, the team that engineered the financial coup is being purged. A new team will be moved in – one appropriate to radical reengineering of government, including pirate-ization.  South Africa is an interesting case in point. Young activists will help purge the white farmers. Once they have done so, agriculture and the economy will collapse. Then it will be easy to move in and assert control of some of the best farmland in Africa and access plenty of cheap labor.  In many respects, it is similar to what is happening here.

Story #8: Pension Fund “Crisis”

In our 2017 Annual Wrap Up, we provided you with an excellent analysis to help you change the pension fund narrative. The big question before us is how we protect our pension funds from being further harvested after the 2018 elections if the “Rape of Russia” is attempted in the US?

Pension Fund Trustees Beware: Your Treasury Positions are in Play:

If a “Rape” happens, what happens to the government bonds owned by the pension funds?

Story #9: Putin & Xi Jinping – Here to Stay

Putin was re-elected in March in a landslide. China abolished term limits, converting Xi Jinping to a kind of modern Emperor. This gives Russia and China a leadership stability that the US does not enjoy right now – especially with an effort underway to impeach President Trump if the Democrats are able to shift the balance of power in the Congress in November’s mid-term elections.   We are watching a debasement of the US brand and a rejection of Western neoliberalism and neo-conservatism by Russia and Asia. We are also seeing strategic planning and implementation by Russia, China, and Japan to build financial, economic, and military power away from the US. We are headed into a brutally competitive environment – starting with the trade wars that broke out in the 1st Quarter.

Story #10:  The Eurocentric Struggle

Europe is struggling with the future of the European Union in the face of Brexit and the consequences of Merkel’s immigration nightmare.


  1. Have you noticed that now Adam is promoting himself as “KokeshforPresident”? I don’t know much of anything about this guy beyond learning about him from Catherine/Solari and watching the conference in Aspen. I’ll have to learn more about him and his ‘movement’/agenda. Thank You for sharing. Great Conversation.

    • I don’t think that he is that important. I think the fact that he is marketing the same plan as CIA/TREASURY/HARVARD/GOLDMAN SACHS used in Russia is of concern. It says to me that the same investment syndicates are looking to privatize and need to get the young people to adopt this – so Kokesh is an early step to make it fashionable. They get the meme going – spread it by mind control – make it look grassroots – then drive a truck through with real power plays, all the time blaming it on the grassroots.

  2. I remember Kokesh trying to incite fake revolution a few years ago. I knew this guy was dangerous. He once filmed himself cocking a shotgun in Washington D.C. while telling his viewers to prepare for another American revolution. This guy needs to be investigated. I smell well paid provocateur.

  3. My concern is not Kokesh – it is the people who treat him or his message as legitimate. And the multiple members of independent media or paid activists who are also proposing lawlessness , tearing up the Constitution or various proposals that would be very harmful to the American people.

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