Introduction: On the Road to Uluru

I believe in the human race. It has a future. We are having some rough and difficult times, but we’re going to make it…. [We] have nothing to fear. We’re going to make it through and we are going to reach a form of adulthood. And we are in time going out there and taking our rightful place in this infinite universe filled with intelligent life. And I say to people, “Your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren are going to the stars. And they’re going out there, and they’re going to take their rightful place.” ~ Bob Dean

By Catherine Austin Fitts

In 1998, a group of people associated with the U.S. Navy tried to persuade me that aliens existed and lived among us. I was offered an opportunity to “have lunch with aliens.” I declined, saying that I was managing too much legal and business risk at the time “to be seen lunching with aliens.”

Ever since, I have tried to sort out what is going on in space around us. After two decades of searching, I am confident of two things. The first is that there is quite a lot going on in space and it has a significant impact on our day to day lives and finances.  The second is that after a great deal of study, I have more questions than answers.

My journey to Uluru in the Australian Outback in 2015 had the most significant impact on my thinking about space. It moved outer space out of my intellectual framework and into my heart and mind. The planets and stars around me became part of my ancestry, and woven into my destiny.

I write today from Sydney, Australia. In a week, I will return to Uluru with Jason Bawden-Smith and Richard Dolan. Richard is the foremost scholar in the world on questions regarding who and what is happening in space and what it means for the governance systems on Earth.

We will be joined by 22 Solari Report subscribers for a week to explore Uluru, to see the paintings of the Aborigine people and to sit by the campfire under the Milky Way and hear the creation stories. Richard will give presentations on ancient aliens, on the cost of secrecy, and the growing use of false flags to maintain control. The following week, we will repeat the process with a new group of 20 Solari Report subscribers.

Solari Report subscribers can follow our progress at in the commentaries entitled “The Road to Uluru.”

We have made a major commitment to become a multi-planetary civilization. As former U.S. Army soldier Bob Dean told us, your children or grandchildren are destined to travel the stars.

The history of civilization is one of the success of people who figured out how to make exploration and growth economic and the failure of those who did not. So, as I always do, I have to bring things back to economics. How are we going to make the economics work? It is essential that we do. People die when the pie shrinks. They prosper when it grows.

For the 1st Quarter 2018 Wrap Up, I invite you to join me in understanding what is happening in the space economy, to identify what the opportunities and risks may be for you and your family, and to act to make sure the space economy contributes to a human future.

As the Solari Report gathers 46 remarkable subscribers in the Australian Outback from May 8 through May 17,  2018, I also invite you to gaze up at the night stars wherever you are and join us in spirit, and in our prayers for enlightenment here on Earth.

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