Trump Report Card

Category Catherine’s 2017 Grade Catherine’s 2018 Q1 Grade Dr. Farrell’s 2017 Grade Dr. Farrell’s 2018 Q1 Grade
Vision B-  C B-  C-
Recruiting a Team B-  D+ C  D+
Building a Team D  D- C  D-
Accomplishments To-Date B+  B+ B  A-
Effort B  A  A
Communication C+  C+ C+  B-
War Games (Mapping the Swamp) C-  B B  B
Building Bottom-Up Support D  C+ C-  C
Introducing Important Change B B- C  C
Building Bridges Internationally C-  C-  C-
Building Bridges Domestically F  D- D  D
Managing the Executive Branch Bureaucracy C- C- C / C-  C-
Grand Strategy for America and Our Role In the World Too Early To Grade  Too Early to Grade A-  B-
Managing the Federal Budget and Contracting Budget F  F F  F
Staying Physically and Emotionally Healthy B-  B- B+  B
Growing in the Job B-  B- B / B-  B-

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